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Have you ever wondered why it seems everyone mumbles? We have a Questionaire for you.
Once you complete this questionaire then you can find more about hearing impairment such as what type loss you might have, what level of hearing loss you might have, and why, if you have hearing loss in both ears, you should wear 2 aids.
This is a simple questionaire. Just answer with yes or no. The first answer that floats to the front of your mental cupboard... is the answer. Don't change it. You're not accountable to anyone other than yourself here.
1. Do you hear but have difficulty understanding?
2. Does everyone seem to be mumbling lately?
3. Do you have difficulty understanding your companion in a restaurant setting?
4. Do you have difficulty understanding small children when they speak?
5. Do you hear your spouse calling from another room but not understand what is being said?
6. Do you have difficulty understanding the lyrics to a song playing on the radio if you've never heard it before?
7. Do you have difficulty understanding what is being said in a large group setting?
8. Have you ever responded inappropriately?
9. Do you have difficulty understanding a video or, a movie?
10. Do you have difficulty in hearing music the way you remember it in your music hey day?
11. Do you frequently miss the punch line in a joke being told?
12. Do you have difficulty hearing in the dark?
If you answered "yes" to just 7 of the above questions you may want to understand more about hearing loss. The more you know about this problem the better you'll be able to help yourself and in time you'll be in the position to help others as well.
Our Administrator, Bobbi Barras has taken the liberty of writing an ebook: Understanding Hearing Loss. Hearing loss is the most difficult problem to understand. It is known as the silent disabililty because so many people have hearing loss and most won't admit it or don't want to talk about it.
We can't solve a problem by sweeping it under the rug. Like any other problem we have to hit it head on. This eBook: Understanding Hearing Loss may help you understand yourself or someone you know who has hearing loss and struggles with this social-communication problem.
Click the here or on the ebook link in the above menu.
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