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All applicants shall:
1. Be in financial need
2. Provide the last 3 months of bank statements
3. Provide the last 3 months of income stubs
4. Provide a list of monthly obligations
5. Confirm that s/he has no other resources available to pay for an aid, including: federal/state programs and/or assistance from local charitable organizations.
The following chart may be helpful in deciding eligibility:
(Chart is based on the minimum wage of $8/hour)
Family Size Monthly Income
Individual $1380
2 members $1780
3 members $2180
4 members $2580
5 members $2980
6 members $3380

If you are, or if you know somone who qualifies, please contact this office at:
Barras Foundation 4 Hearing Aids
P.O. Box 0787
San Clemente, CA 92672
Fax: (949) 498-3222
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