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If you answered "yes" to most of our questions you may have what is called "nerve impairment". The questionaire and my responses by all means are not intended as a diagnosis. You must see your M.D. for that purpose.
However, we can talk about what nerve impairment means versus a conductive impairment, then, you'll be in a better position when you do go see your M.D. and/or Audiologist.
It's extremely important to be knowlegeable about this impairment so you can communicate effectively with your M.D. and Audiologist; and, if you have a family member and/or friend who has hearing loss it will help you to understand their needs better.
For whatever reason... knowledge is power! I know you'll love this ebook because it's been described as "turning on a light". You really get that "ah ha" feeling! It's brief and to the point. I don't like to waste your time. I tell it the way it is... and it is... what it is.
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